"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

Friday, January 23, 2009

My son has taken over the computer room!

I know it's been a while.

The fact is: our boys sleep better in different rooms. That means I have to give up the computer when they are asleep. Jeremiah sleeps in his room with the humidifier running right now (we're all sick) and Joshua sleeps in the guest room downstairs with the heater running (he likes it really warm). And, of course, the computer is in the guest room.

Updating this blog and other computer activities don't work very well when the boys are awake and the result is...a neglected blog :( That's ok - lack of computer time is a small price to pay for sleep.

So here is my quick family update before the boys get into any trouble (that means I have about 60 seconds!):
Stephen: Started second semester of medical school, doing well, still commuting every day, loves "guy time" with the boys
Erin: Cooking, baking, subbing a few times a month, helping with youth group
Jeremiah: Singing all the time, into everything, very stubborn (where could he have gotten that from?), very loving and compassionate - especially to his brother
Joshua: Trying to crawl, sitting up, not real excited about solids but chews on everything else, watches everything his brother does (oh no, we're in trouble!)

I am working on a solution...no idea what that will be...a laptop? (not really at the top of our priority list) I'll let you know if I come up with anything :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love to process...

Food, that is.

I made homemade baby food with Jeremiah and I am now doing the same with Joshua (I can't believe he's six months old already!). I have also gotten into cooking from Deceptively Delicious, a cookbook that helps you hide healthy stuff in foods the kids (and I) will eat.
With Jeremiah, I used our magnificent blender (a wedding gift from 5 1/2 years ago that still works like new) to puree big batches of fruits and veggies...
and the Magic Bullet to do small batches (and small batches only; not good for a whole lot of other things, but fun to use).
I had no problem using our blender to make baby food except for two things:
1. We LOVE the way that blender makes smoothies so we use it almost every night. I didn't want to wear it out making baby food, too.
2. It is not a fun blender to take apart and clean EVERY time we use it.

So, I mentioned my want of a food processor to my hubby (who is trying to understand my obsession with kitchen appliances and tools) and started doing some research. It turns out that pretty much all food processors - high- and low-priced - got mixed reviews from customers. Then came the ad from a certain discount store with a sale on appliances - including my coveted food processor.
So my wonderful husband took me to get one (mine is black)! It's not top-of-the-line. It's not the biggest capacity bowl. But I love it! It chops, slices, shreds and purees beautifully. I have already shredded a block of cheese, sliced and chopped carrots, and pureed pears and green beans. And everything (except the base, of course) is dishwasher safe! Even if we had the money for something more expensive, I think this still would have been a great choice.
I hope you have wonderful Wednesday. I'm going to go find something to slice, shred or chop now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Poll

I made too may New Year's resolutions to list them all here but yes I did make them. Some of them include:

*serving more balanced meals and snacks to my family
*getting more organized
*finding more opportunities for physical activity for all of us

Did you make any? Are you willing to share?

Minivan Momma

I can remember the exact moment I decided I was going to have a minivan when I grew up. My parents bought one the summer before my senior year of high school. Our first big trip with it was on college visits for me. I remember being somewhere in Iowa, my sister and I each reclining in our own captain's chair and listening to our discmans, with plenty of room to spread out and not bother each other ... and that's when I decided. All this would be mine someday.

And now that dream is a reality. We got our very own minivan the weekend before Christmas - just in time for the annual Christmas trip to Iowa and South Dakota to be with family. As we were packing, Stephen said something to me that he has NEVER said while packing for any trip (especially at Christmas) - "Anything else you want to bring? We have plenty of room!"

I love the space. I love the automatic sliding doors. I love the fact that I don't have to lean over to get the kids buckled in the car. I love that I can check the temperature at any time while I'm driving. I could go on and on. I love it all.

I am now officially a "Minivan Momma" and I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Special Delivery

I love getting things delivered - mail, packages, cookies - pretty much anything that is delivered (except bills). I also love coupons and bargain shopping. So my wonderful husband got me the perfect Christmas present - the newspaper delivered to our front door every Wednesday and Sunday. For those of you who don't know, those are the days the paper is stuffed with the most ads and coupons. I am in heaven.

Today is Sunday, so there was a lovely plastic-wrapped newspaper on my front step. I have looked through all of the ads, clipped all of the coupons I might use and looked through the fun sections about birthdays, weddings, etc. Today, there was even a free granola bar enclosed!

Wednesday will bring the new grocery ads...I am filled with anticipation!

(By the way, I'm not kidding. I really am this excited about the newspaper.)