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Joshua 24:15

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The calm before the storm

Week One of medical school has been smooth sailing - especially since it has just been orientation and some small group work called PBLs (Problem-Based Learning groups). The PBLs sound really cool - getting limited info on a "patient" and working to put together a diagnosis. Kind of sounds like the show "House " to me!

Monday was a full day of meetings, tours and PBLs. Tuesday and Wednesday were PBLs in the morning and Stephen was home by lunch both days! I know I can't get used to that but it was great this week! Today will be more orientation and tomorrow is Family Day. We will meet Stephen's parents there for a family tour, luncheon and the White Coat Ceremony. I can't wait for that part - it will all feel so official then!

Like I said, this week has been great but we have been warned - the next ten weeks will be rough, including some classes and tests on Saturdays (yuck!). Nothing like getting thrown into the fire right away! But I know if there is anyone who can handle it, it would be Stephen. I think I remember him in college saying, "Stress? I eat stress for breakfast!" Doesn't that sound like him?

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