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Joshua 24:15

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Heart Faces: Pets Only

I've been taking a little break from the photo challenges at I Heart Faces, but this week was too tempting!

We don't have any pets, but my hubby's parents have four dogs. And the boys just adore them! And so do we :)

This was taken over Thanksgiving and I just love the look on Little J's face as he looks at Oliver, the oldest of the "boys"...

I wonder what each of them is thinking...

Be sure to check out more pet photos at I Heart Faces this week!


  1. He looks a little suspicious...the dog that is. Ha ha!

  2. I know this is about pets, but I love the look on the little one's face!!

  3. What a fantastic photo!! I would love to hear what they are each thinking! :)

  4. haha!! You can just see the thoughts running through both of their heads :)

  5. Seriously LOVE that expression! Too precious! : )


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