"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Choose to Praise

So many storms in people's lives around me right now - overwhelming schedules, broken relationships, cancer, losing loved ones, financial woes and so on.

All attacks of the enemy.

Your storm may not seem as "big" as someone else's storm, so you may try to "handle it yourself." No need to bother anyone else when their troubles are obviously worse, right? And they need prayer more than you do. Right?


If the storm in your life is big to you, it is big enough to disrupt, destroy, deplete.

And whatever that storm may be, you have a choice.

I have a choice.

I can feel sorry for myself. I can let the anxiety, grief, fear, stress pile up.

I can let the enemy win.

Or I can praise.

In the middle of the storms of life, I choose to praise the One who is ALWAYS with me, BECAUSE He is always with me. And He is SO much bigger than that storm.

Storms will come and go, but He will not. He is our constant help...

I lift up my eyes to the hills— where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
Psalm 121:1-2 (NIV)

Join me in praising Him today, no matter your circumstance...


  1. this is a great post, Erin. Too often I (and I think many others) think that my problem or situation is "too small" for the Lord. But if it's big to us, it's big to Him. He loves us and wants to take care of us. We just need to let him.

  2. Some ministry partners of mine here started this thing, back in the summer, where we call our problems "Praise Targets." Believe me, we DEFINITELY have our share of problems over here- from drunken teens coming to meets, not getting visas, financial support falling through, healing for loved ones, etc. Instead of just praying over those things, we praise over them... praising God that He already has a resolution and that He oversees these things. It's a process of surrender and coming to that point of "in all things, give praise and thanksgiving." It's amazing how the Lord responds to it.. not to mention, our attitudes are a million times better.

  3. Amen! I always tell myself, if it matters to me, it matters to God! Choosing to praise right along with you!

  4. Praise the Lord!

  5. I was baptised on sunday and these last few days have been so hard. the enemy has been so close. Trust in the Lord, thanks for this post xx


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