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Joshua 24:15

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Why did I ever stop doing these? It feels SO good to look back through the week at laugh at ourselves! Thanks MckMama for hosting this carnival!

Let's start with today...

I did not just sit back, watch and laugh as Little J made farting noises on an unopened fruit cup. I was not slightly proud that he was able to figure out how to make the noise and then repeat it over and over again. I obviously am NOT learning what it is like to be the mother of boys.

I am also not known to respond to my husband's or sons' clothing needs, such as clean socks or underwear, by just going to get that ONE item out of the dryer. No, I never leave the rest of the clothes in there because I am too lazy to fold them at the time, even though I had to go downstairs anyways. That would be counter-productive and I just do not operate that way.

And in preparing for a fast that started yesterday, I definitely did not gorge myself on a huge meal at a steakhouse the night before, including appetizer, meal AND dessert. That would have just made today harder, so of course I did not do that.

Lastly, I did not plan a date for us that consisted of shopping for a dress for me and grocery shopping. That sounds lame. I would never do that.

That is just not me.


  1. spending time together probably made that a worthwhile date :) And a new dress - sweet!

  2. Hey, at least you were digging clean clothes out of the dryer and not handing them slightly used out of the hamper.

  3. oh wow I dont do that with the laundry either!

    Gotta love boys!

  4. I love your fast preparation technique!!! haha

  5. Haha! I love it! I am good with the laundry until the last load, then it stays in the dryer until the next week!!


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