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Monday, August 31, 2009

I Heart Faces: Before and After

It's a non-contest week at I Heart Faces, but not a week off! The theme this week is "Before and After." It's a time to go back and look at those not-so-lovely photos I took when I first started thinking about composition, focus, lighting, editing and such - "getting serious" about it.

Most posts I have read on this topic begin with, "When I first got my DSLR..." Well, mine will start like this...

When I first got our new point-and-shoot, I noticed a difference in the quality of pictures immediately. But I had no idea how to use the camera to get GREAT pictures.

This was the first week I had it...

SO glad the driveway is in focus and NOT my child's face. Good work Erin.

And how about this fine lighting and focus? Yikes! I needed some help!

I started figuring out some settings and options on the camera and taking more pictures OUTSIDE and things started looking up...

And I got a little more creative...

And taking lots of shots of my little guys...

And I'm still working on it!

I am loving all the things I learn through I Heart Faces and other people's pictures. I'm also experimenting with editing more now and love it!

I'm not doing this professionally, so for me, it's all about stepping out there and learning new things and I'm enjoying it so much!


  1. AWW... your pictures are great and you have adorable subjects! ;)

  2. the love of photography is enough for me... I'm afraid if I began to take it too seriously and turn it into a job, I wouldn't love it quite as much! GREAT job with that point and shoot! Your pictures have come a long way! :)

  3. I'm in the same line of thinking as you.... i take pictures of my children and to capture memories and to have fun:)

    BTW... I really like the angle of that last one;)

  4. Your after pictures are great! :-) and I totally agree with you!


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