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Joshua 24:15

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child Monday

Oh dear, how I love Mondays...

And this week is another "Not My Child Monday" blog carnival put together by MckMama! Head on over to check out what other children have not been doing lately!

Let's see, where to begin...

When I injured my foot on a shopping cart at Target, my child did not say to me "Are you going to live?" Nope, he never picked that up at home.

And my youngest child most certainly did not continue to pick up two Veggie Tales lunch boxes off a display at a Family Christian Store and RUN away from me, laughing the whole time...over and over and over again. Not my child.

And my oldest is not known to pick his brother up around the neck. Nope - he's always super gentle with the little guy. Including as I write this post...

My child did not discover the joy of peeing in the lake during our first trip to the beach. And he did not choose to go back through the sand and into the water to pee in the lake before we left when a bathroom was on our way to the van. Not my child.

And lastly, my child would never be told to do something, not do it and when the instructions were repeated, say "Yeah, yeah, yeah - I heard you."

Not my child.


  1. I think outdoor peeing is one of the perks of being a boy.
    I'm jealous

  2. You could get the "Go Girl." :)


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