"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

Monday, September 15, 2008

One test down...

Stephen had his first test of medical school last week (on a Saturday - yuck!) and it turned out very well! Only how many more to go now?! Anatomy takes up most of his time right now and I think he will be pretty happy when those ten weeks are up! He has a great study partner and is home for dinner every night! Commuting isn't too bad yet - just praying the weather stays nice well into the winter. I guess you never know in Nebraska!

On another note, it was a pretty good football weekend all around. I'm probably trying to follow too many teams but here's how "my" teams did...

Huskers - W!
Packers - W!
Colts - W! (even better because they beat the Vikings!)
Brett Favre (aka the Jets) - L :(


  1. Hey Erin! I too love to pour over cookbooks. Sometimes they like new recipe night and sometimes, well let's just say I don't repeat it. I just went through Colton's clothes and i have a pile. ARe you interested? Alex's football team won last night. next week at Centennial.

  2. Totally interested! We need to head out to Milford soon so let me know when you'll be around! Way to go Milford! Who did they play?

  3. Alex played Wilber. Andrew played 2 games on Sunday against Crete. He was really tired. Andrew choose sax for band. Alex moved to tenor so we didn't have to purchase an instrument. But then there's next year. Logan still does piano, unwillingly though. As far as the clothes goes, I could bring it tomorrow night to church. Will you be there? If that doens't work, we can plan another time.


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