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Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Would you rather...

So, with the help of my sister, I decided to go a different route with the poll this week and ask a deep question. Of course, the fun in "Would you rather" questions is that you have to tell why, so when you vote, please add your "why" to this post.

Thanks for the idea, Megan!

BTW, Joshua slept from 7:30 pm to 3:30 am last night - it was awesome!


  1. Ok so, although this was a VERY difficult question to answer, I voted that I would rather be deaf because I am constantly stimulated visually by the beauty of the Earth and the individuals I encounter every day. Without seeing a smile, seeing someone cry, looking into someone's eyes I think I would be missing out on some of life's greatest joys.

    Amen :)

  2. I have to go with blind. Blind would be very hard of course and comes with less independence, BUT you can communicate with everyone. When you're deaf there are very few people with whom you can communicate well and I think I would feel isolated and frustrated if I could not make myself understood.

    Plus, deaf is more "fixable." You can learn lip-reading and cochlear implants are amazing!

  3. I voted for blind. I would totally miss seeing my boys' smiling faces and the beauty God has created, but I can't imagine not hearing my husband or my son tell me they love me. And I know I couldn't live without music and the sound of laughter.


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