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Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sports Poll

I apologize if I left your favorite sport off the list! That's why I added the "other" category. Please leave a comment here when you vote if you feel any need to clarify :) I don't know if I can vote for just one!


  1. Ok so I voted for football as my favorite sport to watch because I get SO into it ~ like freakishly competitive about it. But tennis is a definite second because it has been a major part of my life...and it's fun to watch with the family :) Good poll, Erin! I'm guessing yours is football as well...?!?

  2. Yeah, I voted for football for pretty much the same reason as you! I could watch just about any team play but I am a little obsessive about "my" teams!

  3. I'm voting for "other" because Top Chef is not on the list.


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