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Joshua 24:15

Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child Monday

Well, this week it's all about the little ones and what my angels would never do...

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Here we go...

My child would never strip naked in the front yard to jump in the swimming pool...twice in one week.

And my child would never ever greet his grandparents for dinner with the line "God made poop." Although technically I guess that is true, he would never say that.

My child would not tell the babysitter that he has popcorn and chocolate milk EVERY night and he NEEDS to have it tonight. Not my child. (For the record, this is a RARE treat for him, not a regular occurrence.)

And a certain younger child would never crawl all the way up the basement stairs without either parent noticing until he got to the top. And flash a huge grin when he reached the end. Not my baby.

Lastly, my child would never take a candy bar from the checkout aisle while in the stroller at the grocery store, without Mom or Dad's permission or knowledge, proceed to quietly eat the candy bar the whole walk home, and hand Mom the last sticky bite left over from his chocolate binge when she went to get him out of the stroller. My child would never ever do that. Would yours?

I love my boys.


  1. Oh Erin! At least they're still little enough that you can mark it up to age. Now if my 12 year old stole a candy bar . . .

  2. Ohh!! I would love to say that my boys have never done any of THOSE things, but atlas they have, too funny!! Good thing we have McMama therapy. See you around McMama's, kristi

  3. I love this, Erin! It's totally true - this list of all of things you will and won't be as a parent that we make BEFORE we're parents! For the record, your kids are adorable and I think the candy bar story is HILARIOUS! :)

  4. Little J-man is quite a character. Hil-LAR-IOUS!!!

  5. Nope. Mine would NEVER do anything of those things! Well... maybe not now (my boys are 14 and 11), but back in the day.... nope, not then either. :)

    Very cute! And very cute boys! It takes me back to the days when I just had my two little boys. They are such treasures those little boys. Love 'em! (I still them as big boys too!)


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