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Friday, October 2, 2009

Amy Knapp Family Organizer Giveaway!

One of the fun parts of MOPS Convention is the resource fair. It is FULL of booths relevant to me - a Christian woman, wife and mom. I just loved meeting the people who are out there making quality, wholesome products for my family and I AND glorifying God through it all!

One of those fantastic people is Amy Knapp.

I met Amy at her booth at the resource fair and she is such a sweetheart! Her booth was swamped with interested ladies, but she was not too busy to have a conversation with a mom with questions!

You see, Amy has an incredible line of organizers designed for on-the-go families. Everything from a "basic" spiral bound organizer - secular or Christian - to a planner for expecting moms and a homeschooling organizer. And you have to the big central calendar at home, like her Big Grid Family Wall Organizer!

Now, while I think all of those products are amazing, I am focusing on one today for two reasons:

1. This is the one I own.
2. This is the one I am giving away!

There are A LOT of organizers and planners to choose from, so why this one?
Take a look inside...

The first thing my eyes went to were the grocery list and menu sections because my mind works like that, but those aren't even my favorite parts!

The left hand page for each week begins with a Bible verse for the week, followed by a to-do list and a prayer and praise section. I love having a designated place to write prayer requests AND praise reports right in my planner.

On the right hand page of each week, the menu tab lines up with the days of the week for easy planning - perfect!

What you don't see in the picture above are the monthly calendars that allow for big picture planning. Not many planners give you both.

Amy also has covers available for the organizers - good thing because mine get BEAT UP by the end of the year!

Now the best part of meeting Amy - other than getting to chat with her - was her willingness to offer TWO organizers as a giveaway for you readers!
So here we go!

To enter to win one of two Christian Family Organizers, you must leave a comment on this post answering this question...

What is your favorite feature of this particular organizer?

You can read more about this planner and Amy's other fabulous products on her website.

A HUGE thank you to Amy for her generosity!

Happy organizing!

One comment per person please. Contest will close at 8:00 p.m. CDT on Monday, October 5th.

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  1. Yes, yes! I want this! I have been looking for an organizer that would go all the way to December 2010. With six kids and a home business I need to stay organized. I'm being thrown off by my date book going only to 2009. I have wedding bookings already in October of next year. Plus I love the space for all the lists. I can stop writing a million lists and losing them. I'm gong to check out her wall organizer too because I need them both! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Erin! This organizer looks awesome!! I would have to say my favorite part is the grocery list. I'm always joting down on scrap pieces of paper things i need..like at breakfast, oh i need more jam...then by the time i go to the store i start a new list and try to remember everything i have jotted down during the week...not a great system! So yes this is definatly something i need! I also really like the prayer & praise section so that i can constantly be reminded of God's faithfulness (something i needed this week!) and how he is answering even the smallest prayers i give to Him. Thanks for posting an awesome giveaway!

  3. I love that is starts each week with a Bible verse... and a prayer section! What a fantastic giveaway... I know I for one could use some organizing! ;)

  4. I love being organized and I am huge dork, because I have post-it notes everywhere to remind me of things! I would probably like the Bible verse for the week so I could try and memorize more scripture. What a great giveaway, thanks!

  5. What a neat planner! I could definitely put this to good use! I think all the features are so helpful, in addition to the prayer requests and verse; I love that the grocery list has a perforated edge and can be ripped out and taken with you. I also like the little boxes next to each item to check if you have a coupon for that particular item. I love using coupons, and I like the way you can not only make your list out, take it with you - but can also keep track of coupons to use as well!

  6. My favorite part of this organizer is the Prayer & Praise section...I look at my planner so many times each day and I need this section to remind of the things I need to talk to God about. I feel like this could make a difference in my daily life by serving as a reminder that talking to God should be on my "To Do List" everyday!

  7. i love amy's organizers!!! i like the grocery list detail the best- i like ripping the sheet off the perforated line after i have written it and i like how it lines up with the days.

  8. I like the Prayer section because I can remind myself easily.

    sadiekate2001 at yahoo.com

  9. The To Do Lists with the little diamonds to check off...for some reason having something to actually "check off" is important to me! :)

    da_angel_321 at yahoo.com

  10. I have two favorites (that I've never seen in a planner before) the to do list and the shopping list! I bet once you have this organizer you cannot live without it! I'm following your blog :)

    laceylovespink at yahoo dot com


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