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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog Hop: Fantabulous Foto Free for All - Emma's Birthday

Yesterday was the perfect day for a birthday party. And it just happened to be Emma's 4th birthday! So party we did!

Emma is Jeremiah's buddy. Stephen thinks they should get married. I'm ok with that. I mean look at that gorgeous redhead!

Emma had a party at her house and it was a beautiful day, so we did lots of playing outside. The kids were in heaven. We haven't had a nice fall day in too long so we all enjoyed it!

Cute little Amelia

The girls...

and the boys...

Mason contemplating the day...

or just pouting.

My precious blue-eyed baby

Sweet Logan - look at those brown eyes!

Look Mom - new toys to play with!

Have you ever seen such a happy face? Sam was so excited to see his daddy drive up! I love it!

Mason is a happy boy on the tricycle!

Look at these swinging buddies!

This looks like trouble...

I just wanted to squeeze those cheeks all day!

Adorable Anna - such a cutie!

Sibling love

And cousin love! Mason and Abby are twins and Emma is their cousin.

And Sam is Emma's brother. What a doll!

A message from Jeremiah to Emma: Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party! Who knew I could ride a John Deere at a girl's birthday party?! It was the best!

Happy birthday Emma - we love you!

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  1. Thanks Erin! Those pics are great! Emma was very excited to see them!!

  2. What great pictures... looks like a fun party! Those big eyes... adorable... that is such a GREAT photo!! :)

  3. What a fun party, full of exceptionally cute kids. :)


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