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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wasn't planning on posting today...

...but then the FedEx guy brought us a package.

And I thought we should share this...

A while back, I entered a contest that I found on PBS Parents. The contest was to win a Buddy the Dinosaur costume from the show Dinosaur Train on PBS. All you had to do was tweet about it - yes, I'm on Twitter - and you were entered in the contest!

Well, they announced the winner not too long ago and I forgot all about it. Until I got a message yesterday that said the winner had been disqualified and we had won!

I sent them my contact info yesterday afternoon (after 5:00!) and the box arrived this morning! Talk about speedy service!

I did not tell Jeremiah about it, so the package was a big surprise for him. And when we opened, he was SO excited!

Of course, he had to put it on right away and model for everyone...

A very happy T-Rex!

I look just like Buddy!

And these feet did a lot of stomping around the basement this morning!

Thank you so much to the Jim Henson Company for this amazing costume! It will be getting a lot of use! Especially this weekend!

If you want to make your own Buddy costume, the Jim Henson Company has two ways to help: a costume pattern (available in two different sizes) and a no-sew costume option. Check them out! Super cute!


  1. Not the scariest T-Rex ever, but possibly the cutest.

  2. oh my. that's so cute! i just love it when the kids' footsies are covered like animal feet!

  3. What a fantastic surprise! And he looks absolutely adorable!

  4. Cutest T-Rex ever! My little girl is 3 and she loves Dinosaur Train!
    Summer :0)


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